The hands that rock the cradle

My absolute worst - when they fall asleep in the car. Then you have the quandary of waking them upon arrival when you transfer them inside. Or you can drive around for an hour letting them sleep while you fall asleep at the wheel.

So much has been written about how to get kids and toddlers to sleep (Yes, I admit I’ve read and even followed Save our Sleep!), what parents get up to when the kids have finally gone to sleep (my mentors and compatriots, who wrote Cocktails at Naptime are the first ones that spring to my mind).

There’s also a bit of braver, but rare literature out there on how difficult it is getting the kids/babies to sleep (Go the F to Sleep is one of my favourites).  But I am yet to find anything written about the delicate time bracket starting just from the moment the kids/babies have just fallen asleep to the moment they wake up on their own. Until this post of mine, of course! Continue reading