Jon Jon turns 2, Aiden turns 3.5 and this mamma got some fabulous new wrinkles


Unlike my usual posts, this one has a more reflective, soppy purpose – yes I am human, not all cynical uber bitch 100% of the time!

 I feel like a slack mother for not always diarising my kids’ progress, instead I tweet and Facebook it, because who has time to pull out the baby journal and hand write things in every time. So here goes. My happy 2nd birthday message to my darling baby son, Jon Jon.

Today my youngest baby boy turns 2 – I can hardly believe it. He is definitely still my baby (swaddled him for fun the other night!)
 Jon Jon has always been my “textbook” child – outperforming all other kids his age in developmental milestones and pretty much always setting the benchmark for his peers. Although, in the past month I have detected a naughtiness that is apparently age-appropriate. Nonetheless, he is absolutely adorable, his sparking blue eyes, clear complexion and golden locks are the perfect ammunition for winning me over all the time, even when he bites my neck, pulls out clumps of my hair and smacks me in the face. His command of language and his unique expressions are just a delight and he makes me chuckle on cue with almost everything he says. He’s also learnt defend himself from his older brother and won’t take lightly to being clocked on the head with a cast iron Thomas train anymore – what’s more – Jon Jon has even become a little mischief-maker and instigator himself – but I guess it’s all part of the natural sibling rivalry.

His severe asthma does sometimes get him down but we are winning the battle slowly and I think he will out grow it soon. Jon Jon and I spend a lot of quality time together, he adores reading with me and has an aptitude (like his brother) for remembering the words to a book we only borrowed a week ago from the library. He is definitely a mommy’s boy and cries when I leave the house to go somewhere, which is like, never. He is very cuddly and loving which makes me absolutely melt – I hope he never loses this affectionate part of his personality – it would be a massive blow for me I think!

Aiden on the other hand, is a tough cookie, a smart arse, to be sure, but a cutie pie at the same time. He can be very challenging at times but he is also very caring and conscious of other people’s feelings and will often ask “Mommy, are you OK” if I trip or do some other clumsy act in front of him. He is at quite an in-between stage – but becoming a little man very quickly!

He comes up with the funniest little comments and I’m sure I will kick myself one day for not compiling all his little quotes and consolidating them into a book somewhere. The other day Aiden pointed to my eyebrows (to be fair, they were looking a little unruly that day) and said “Mom, who painted those eyebrows on for you?” I replied “they’re my natural eyebrows” to which Aiden responded “Well, you look like a clown.” Mortified, but laughing all the same I queried “Oh, and what do YOU look like?” “A gentleman!” was the answer I got – absolute gold!

So, with all the funny comments and naughtiness, my boys are definitely growing up rapidly and I need to make sure I don’t get consumed with aggravation and lap up every joyous moment instead. Is it any wonder that I have acquired some brand new forehand and eye wrinkles in the last week?

I have to say – it’s all so worth it, even if it does make me look a bit like a clown!

So happy 2nd birthday my gorgeous Jon Jon, keep thriving and making me and your daddy so, so proud and happy! I love you immensely my darling boy! xxx

Feeling clucky?

Last week I was 1 week late.  

Usually, well, before I had kids that is,  I would panic.  

I would start rummaging around for dusty pregnancy tests, feel a strange sense of instant nausea coming on and frantically scan the iPad calendar to check for eligible maternity leave work allowances. But this time, I was actually OK with it.  

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I will use any, and I mean ANY excuse to get out of work at the moment.   But maybe, it’s because I am actually feeling clucky, for the first time in my life.  There.  I said it. Not Angelina Jolie-clucky.  Like I need one to look like me and one to look like him and then one to match all my outfits and bags.  Maybe, just like Jennifer Aniston-clucky.  Like, there’s nothing too specific to speak of just right now, but maybe in the not too distant future I will put this item at the top of my “to do list”.   Plus, this time round, I want to look like Natalie Portman in maternity gear and, I also wouldn’t mind winning a super-glamorous award for all my achievements right before I pop. 

My mind was as crowded as the “Nickle Nackle Tree” on a good day, crammed to the brim with comical cartoon-like images of me …..fleeing from the office, forever….. Snuggling in a sunlit, cozy nursery with my glowing toddlers at my feet…… Cuddling with my magnificent newborn…..Inhaling what is hands down the best smell in the world – your own brand new baby’s soft, tiny little head…Staring in wonderment at the magnificent tiny little replica of you nuzzled into your chest and consternating over the wonders of creation.

Then I got my period. My dreams and hopes all dashed in the time it took to work up a killer migraine and crack open a bottle of wine. Two Nurophen Pluses and 250 grams of Cadbury’s chocolate later I was back to my old cynical self.  But I couldn’t help wondering how far I’ve come in the last 20 months.  Now, not only I had made great progress in reaching the point that:

  1. I was actually seriously contemplating bringing yet another offspring into this world, but
  2. I was prepared to go through with “what needed to be done” to create that child, and also
  3. I was now  ‘man’ enough to admit to myself that maybe I really am a good mom and, even more crazy to admit, I might be just a little bit maternal and YES, just a tiny bit clucky.
My (pregnant with her 3rd) friend  told me the other day that I should really “hold off a bit”.  At least till all the kids are at school.  I listened and nodded politely.
Like that will help.  You still need to leave the office at 2.30pm to pick them up.   Or get someone to do that for you and then you need to organise after-school care till you get back from work.  I reckon, whatever happens happens, right.
Bring it.  I    AM    READY.  
Even more so now that there is paid maternity leave from the government.
Alcohol and chocolate allowance – tick!  Well, it’s more than I got for my second pregnancy.  I deserve every cent.  I’ve earned it.  My government owes me!